Rental Package


Apply the following code at check out to enjoy the discount on selected gift cards:

  • 10% off on HK$3,500 Rental Package (Use Code: N0Y3NCKXB9BX)
  • 15% off on HK$4,500 Rental Package (Use Code: Z245VEAZRHDZ)
  • 20% off on HK$6,000 Rental Package (Use Code: YDB1Q483SGVP)
  • 25% off on HK$8,000 Rental Package (Use Code: J5TRGHC57SXN)
  • 30% off on HK$10,000 Rental Package (Use Code: K9N2X5BNYGEX)

Thank you for using our rental service. Wardrobista is established on the motto of Shop Less, Rent More. By renting and sharing some under-utilised items in the wardrobe that are used only very few times each year, we hope to reduce wastage whilst still look good.

Rental package between HK$3,500 - HK$6,000 valid for 12 months and rental package at HK$8,000 or above valid for 18 months.