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Apply the following code at check out to enjoy the discount on selected gift cards:

  • 15% off on HK$3,000 Gift card (Use Code: N0Y3NCKXB9BX)
  • 20% off on HK$4,000 Gift card (Use Code: Z245VEAZRHDZ)
  • 25% off on HK$5,000 Gift card (Use Code: YDB1Q483SGVP)
  • Get HK$50 addition credit on your HK$500 Gift card purchase (Expire by end of 2019)

Thank you for using our rental service. Wardrobista is established on the motto of “Shop Less, Rent More”. By renting and sharing some under-utilised items in the wardrobe that are used only very few times each year, we hope to reduce wastage whilst still look good.

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