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The Basics


+ How Wardrobista works?

  1. Find the piece you love: Filter by occasion, style, colour or designer to find that dress or accessory you are looking for.
  2. Reserve: Choose a delivery and return date, and rent for 4 or 7 days. Longer rental periods are available upon request, please contact customer service for more details. 
  3. Delivery: Your order will be delivered by courier to your home, office or any designated address in Hong Kong/ Macau on your rental start date. Alternatively, you can book to pick it up at our fitting room in Causeway Bay for free!
  4. Try it on: If you are unsure about your size, you can try them on first:
    - Book a fitting session at our showroom! Customers can schedule a 45-minute session at our showroom to try up to 4 dresses at HK$150. If the customer decides to rent any of the items during the fitting session, the HK$150 will be used as rental credits.
  5. Free Return: On your rental return date, simply drop the package back at our fitting room! If you have paid for return service - place items in the provided packaging (which includes a prepaid label), schedule a pickup with SF Express at +852-2730-0273 (Hong Kong)/ +853-2873 7373 (Macau)  from your designated Hong Kong / Macau address. We will handle the dry cleaning and maintenance.
  6. Exchange or Refund: If you change your mind, you can exchange for another item, without re-fitting in store, up to 3 days prior to your rental start date - please contact us in written format for arrangement. We do not accept call cancellation. In case of cancellation of your booking due to natural disaster (earthquakes, fire, floods), refunds will be issued as store credits, valid for 1 year. For other order cancellations, it will be refunded as rental credits valid for 6 months.


+ Can I see the full collection in-store?

    Wardrobista is an online clothing/ accessories rental company. You can enjoy 24x7 rental service online and get the rentals delivered to your designated Hong Kong address in 2 working days. 

    If you wish to see & touch all the rental items up close & personal - We Heard You - Yes! Our showroom is now open! Schedule an appointment now by whatsapping us (+852  6611 8715) or email us!

    + Are all the items on your website already?

    For rental items, we have new upload of products every week on our website - stay tuned on our "New In" page! Some of our new rental items are available in store sooner than on our website, so come check out the collection in-store to rent it before anyone else!

    For pre-loved items, most items are only available for purchase in store and we refresh the items every week. Visit us regularly in Causeway Bay to find the hidden gems! 

    + I am not sure what suits me best. Can anyone help?

    Definitely! Let us know your sizes and the occasion you need the rentals for. Our professional team will recommend some for you. Or you can come to our showroom in person and we are happy to assist.


    + When should I make a reservation for a dress?

    Better secure your favourite dress early - we take reservations up to 1 year in advance!

    Many of the ladies usually book a fitting session 4-5 weeks before their event to secure their #1 choice. Or they will come to our showroom 1-2 months before their event.

    Rental start date equals to the parcel receipt date/ pick-up date. We suggest your pick-up date to be 2 days prior to your event date. For example, if your event is on Saturday, we suggest your rental start date to be on Thursday to avoid any last-minute stress.

    + Can I rent for more than 7 days?

    Yes! We do offer rentals for more than 7 days. Please contact customer service to arrange.

    Rates are as below:

    8 - 10 days: 4 days rental price x 2
    11 - 14 days: 7 days rental price + 4 days rental price
    14 - 20 days: 7 days rental price x 2
    21 - 25 days: 7 days rental price x 2 + 4 days rental price 

    + Can I change my mind?

    If you change your mind, you can exchange for another item, without refitting in store, up to 3 days prior to your rental start date, subject to availability - please contact customer service for arrangement.

    No additional fittings can be arranged for exchange as we believe you already know your size when you came for fitting!

    If you require to re-fit, there will be a charge of HK$80/1 dress or HK$100/4 dresses for each person for each re-fitting session. Re-fitting fees are not refundable or deductible. 

    In case of cancellation of your booking due to natural disaster, refunds will be issued as store rental credits. Please contact customer service for arrangement. Rental credits will be valid for one year from date of cancellation.

    For other order cancellations, it will be refunded as rental credits valid for 6 months, from date of cancellation.

    If you pass the rental credits to your friends/ families, and in case they need to try on anything before using the credits, re-fitting charges apply.

    + What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

    The items are expected to be returned in the same condition as it was when rented out. If the returned item does not meet our policy (e.g. damaged or stained), full retail price will be charged. If the item is never returned, you will also be charged the full retail price.


    Delivery & Return


    + Can you deliver to a hotel or another address besides my home?

    Yes, we deliver to residential, commercial addresses & hotels within Hong Kong & Macau. We do not post to P.O. boxes.


    + How much does shipping cost?

    Hong Kong: If you choose to pick up & return at our partner stores without trying on, it is free of charge! Alternatively, postage & return to a Hong Kong address is HK$100 for the 1st rental item, additional HK$60 for the 2nd item. One-way delivery charge is HK$60.

    Macau: Postage & return to a Macau address is HK$120, additional HK$70 for the 2nd item. 


    + How do I pick up from the fitting room?

    Please show the confirmation email with order# (either on print-out or on your mobile phone) to staff for pick-up.


    + Do you ship internationally?

    We plan to expand to other markets in the near future. But currently we only provide rental services to our Hong Kong & Macau customers. For pre-loved items, we ship internationally, and buyer will bear the international shipping charges - please contact us to arrange.


    + How do I return by post?

    There will be a pre-paid return slip included in your package. On the return date, simply call SF express at +852-2730-0273 (Hong Kong)/ +853-2873 7373 (Macau)  to schedule a pick-up time that suits you best.





    + When can I do fitting? 

    Our fitting room opens at 12:30pm – 8pm Monday - Friday (last appointment is at 7:15pm); 12pm - 7pm on Saturday (last appointment is at 6:15pm); 12pm - 6pm on Sunday & Public Holiday (last appointment is at 5:15pm) Just book one day in advance and we can arrange for you.


    + How do I book my fitting session? 

    Place a fitting order online first before booking your time slot. You can then book your fitting time here or follow the link on your order confirmation email. 

    Alternatively, you can contact us via Whatsapp, Instagram direct or Facebook Messenger to arrange.

    + Where is the fitting room? 

    Our address: 2/F, 19 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


    We are 2 mins walk from Causeway Bay MTR Station Exit F1. Turn right and walk up when you come out. Walk through Yun Ping Road and you will see Watson right across us. You should see a big “W” on the shop window 👗 we are located in the building between Initial & Bonluxe! Take 2 flights of stairs up and you will see us 😊


    + Can I reschedule the fitting session?

    - You can reschedule maximum 1 time after you have booked your time slot.
    - Re-scheduling can be done up to 12 hours before your fitting. 
    - $150 fitting fees will be charged in case of no-show.
    - If customer is late for more than 30 mins without notice, the session will be marked as "absent" and the $150 fitting fees will be charged. Please contact customer service to arrange.
    - In case of cancellation of fitting sessions, the HK$150 fitting credits will be valid for one month.

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