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A Modern Wardrobe - Shop Less, Rent More

Enjoy countless possibilities of outfit options with minimal clothing disposal 

Wardrobista envisions a future where wardrobe-sharing and clothing rental will be a norm around the globe. Most people will have a dynamic wardrobe mixed of rental items & their own favourite pieces that cannot be shared (e.g. Shoes, Lingerie). 

We offer clothing & accessories rental service that frees up space in our modern wardrobes and puts more money in consumers’ wallets. Wardrobista will be synonymous with fashion, integrity, fun and social good. 
Wardrobista will be an important part of the modern communities of well-informed, connected people who enjoy countless possibilities of outfit options without frequent disposal of clothing. 
What drives us forward is a commitment to our core values. These values ensure that every team member is working together to make it happen. Join us to live this modern #wardrobista lifestyle! 

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